Under Control 

(Songbuilder Studios) 

EP review by Mike O’Cull www.mikeocull.com  

American pop vocalist and songwriter Kamryn Marie displays vintage class, modern charm, and a captivating aura on her recent EP Under Control. Originally hailing from Washington DC, Kamryn incorporates a wide variety of inspirations into her music but uses her own honest, authentic creativeness to deliver her fans tracks that are unique and meaningful. Her sound encompasses classic 80s pop, EDM, ballads, and even a touch of country because that’s just how she hears it. Under Control is a smart, fun, and engaging record that takes listeners on a whirlwind tour of her musical world.  

The brilliant “Someone With A Broken Heart (feat. NIGHTBREAKERS)” opens the record with a soulful, upbeat, and sexy vibe that goes out to everyone seeking some healing in the arms of another. Kamryn has impressive pipes and the kind of intimate vocal presence we all like in our headphones. It’s clear from her first notes that this could go big quickly. “One More Hi” is moody pop/rock perfection that uses a sweet octave guitar hook to set the stage for Marie’s voice. Her lyrics are also refreshingly unfiltered and fearless, which grabs attention and makes Kamryn come off as emotive and real.  

“P.D.F.” is an explicit party anthem that brings us Kamryn sans filter and ready to have a wild night. It’s the kind of dancefloor-packing track that turns late nights into early mornings in the best possible way and lets the young moderns out there in Clubland know that Kamryn isn’t much different from themselves. All in all, Under Control is a fine effort from a continually-expanding artist who knows who she is and where she wants to go. Popstar, anyone? Here’s a great one!