By Mike O’Cull 

Sonic Radiation hits the end of 2020 hard with a brand-new track, “Roentgen,” that’s a monstrously-energetic dance floor banger. Named for a legacy unit of measurement for exposure to x-rays and gamma rays, “Roentgen” pushes against the machine that made it, delivering a relentless EDM beat seemingly meant to drive humans over the edge. Synths and sounds add to the cut’s buildup and keep intellectual interest high. Creator Todd Last’s bass sounds are to die for and he gives his people everything they need to dance into oblivion. “Roentgen” is a perfect example of Last’s signature hybrid of techno and trance ideas and a highly kinetic passport into his unique world. 

Sonic Radiation has been emitting rays since its inception in 2003. Musician and producer Last is a true believer in the eternal relevance of electronic music and helps build its future with every track he puts out. Tracks like “Roentgen” keep to the truth of the genre, using a minimal palette of arresting sounds coupled with the power of repetition to achieve a shift in the consciousness of anyone really listening. Last uses the Sonic Radiation brand to fearlessly create that which hasn’t existed yet and bring it to the world. He is an iconoclastic artist who has emerged as a consistently engaging presence on the EDM scene. 

“Roentgen” will appeal to fans with an interest in new takes on vintage electronica that move the genre forward. Sonic Radiation is a DJ and producer to add to your daily rotation whose fresh and expansive music will claim you as its own. “Roentgen” is an excellent track with enough radioactive material to alter your chromosomes and jump you into Last’s tribe. If you’re smart, you’ll let yourself go along with the program. Highly recommended.