Future Now 

By Mike O’Cull www.mikeocull.com  

Pop/alternative duo Tantrix is an amazing, multi-faceted act based in Toronto that’s been making music since 2016. The group’s new EP, Future Now, is a brief-but-mighty effort packed to bursting with outstanding performances of well-conceived pop/rock tracks with a strong 80s influence. Tantrix members Matt Mio (drums, backing vocals) and Eddie Silver (guitar, lead vocals) are clearly masters of this kind of playing and songwriting and lay down one perfect track after another on Future Now. The pair has already had radio play on more than 65 CFNJ-reporting radio stations across North America and secured sync contracts with major television networks such as A&E, MTV, Discovery, OWN, and Netflix, which is proof positive of the high-level skills both musicians possess.  

The first song, “You’ve Got A Way,” is upbeat and rocking with a soaring chorus and some sweet, jangling guitar parts. Eddie Silver has a great, expressive voice that captures listeners’ attention straight away. He knows when to push and when to pull back and, in another era, would be playing stadiums. Matt Mio is pure power on the drums and his feel here supports all the rest of the things Tantrix does well. “We Become One” is a mid-tempo downshift with a wonderful vintage-inspired vibe and a lot of tight, clean-toned guitar.  

“Cold Heart” continues the clean guitar theme inside a somber arrangement that doubles down on the song’s alienated lyrics. It’s still got that pop pump to it, however, so you won’t get too sad. The closing track, simply called “Blues Song,” is a fun reworking of the blues/rock sound that is actually one of the best moments on the EP. Silver delivers his hottest playing of this set and leaves you wanting to know a whole lot more about this talented twosome. Fans of killer guitar pop need to spin Tantrix at once and discover their new favorite band. Highly recommended.