“Six Ways To Sunday” 

Single and video review by Mike O’Cull, independent music journalist. 

Zama Rripa is a peace, love, and liberty-minded singer/songwriter working out of Saint Augustine, Florida who often expresses strong sentiments in his lyrics. He’s part of a protest music tradition that stretches from Woody Guthrie to Rage Against The Machine and challenges listeners by taking on tough topics and real life rather than the emotional fluff many songwriters deal in. His latest single, “Six Ways To Sunday,” is a prime example of Rripa’s vibe and dives headlong into the matrix of Deep State manipulation, Russiagate, and American security agencies like the FBI, CIA, and DOJ spinning out of control. 

“Six Ways To Sunday” has a mellow, Santana-like feel that pulls listeners in from the first bar. Sometimes, we expect idea-based music to be all anger and confrontation but Rripa chooses to go a different way with this track. The lyrics reflect the current American political landscape and refer to the shocking admission by Senator Chuck Schumer that the Deep State is alive and well and if you cross it, it has "six ways from Sunday" to get back at you. What it all comes down to is societal and political blowback for speaking out, a sad fact of life in today’s world that causes pain, suffering, and the death of liberty. The video features the song’s lyrics superimposed over radar footage of a large, dangerous hurricane.  

“It's important to note that this is far from an endorsement of Trump,” Zama says, continuing “Trump is not pro-liberty. It seems Trump might want to hold the Deep State accountable for Crossfire Hurricane (the FBI’s code-name for the Trump/Russia investigation). The problem is, Trump wants to control the Deep State, not end it. It’s about power, not liberty. The Deep State needs to be ended, along with the Fed which helps fund it.” Rripa is a man of convictions and uses the power of plain speaking to communicate his points. Whether or not you share his point of view, Rripa is doing exactly what artists are supposed to do: speaking the truth and provoking thought. Anyone interested in music with intelligence and relevance will want to hear “Six Ways To Sunday” and reflect upon what it’s saying. Highly recommended.