Song and video review by Mike O’Cull, independent music journalist. 

“Mamasita” is the new track and music video from vocalist/songwriter Young Pije. Based in Aachen, Germany, Young Pije and producer Iavibeats have delivered a low-key gem to the world that could easily be the best song of Summer 2019. “Mamasita” blurs genres, cultures, and sounds seamlessly into an individual style that swiftly pulls listeners inside. 

The first thing you notice about Young Pije is his amazingly high singing voice. He is a Super Tenor with a vocal sound tailor-made for hit singles. “Mamasita” features him singing as well as laying down some melodic rap-influenced verses that are quite effective. His voice gives Pije the ability to easily mix styles and he does exactly that on “Mamasita.” The track combines pop, hip-hop, and EDM DNA into something unique that will appeal to all three crowds. Producer Iavibeats keeps it chill, kinetic, and atmospheric all at one, which is a display of deep skills. 

Young Pije drops the vocals in German and English but the video gets his message across for those who can’t translate. The clip is about good times with beautiful women and carries an upscale romantic vibe. This really is a perfect song for private moments shared after midnight. One listen and you will understand. Young Pije has crafted a winner with “Mamasita.” It’s a memorable pop song that lives in a cool headspace and should attract a lot of attention. Highly recommended.