The Best Of Ty Bless 


Review by Mike O’Cull, independent music journalist. www.mikeocull.com  

Multimedia master Ty Bless is likely to be the most talented artist you encounter this year. Bless is a slick, savvy creative who puts in work as a record producer, recording artist, songwriter, and human beatbox and is currently an on-air hip-hop personality with Team Mind Trip & DJ Eddie B Swift on BREAL.TV. Many people in the entertainment industry wear different hats but few mix styles, genres, and mediums like Bless does. His The Best Of Ty Bless playlist on SoundCloud is instant proof that Bless is more than a few steps above most of his peers in the Urban Music universe. He deftly blends rap, R&B, dancehall, reggaeton, and dance music influences into a stack of tracks that express every facet of his person and has developed the kind of deeply personal sound that all artists strive to attain.  

The set opens with a funky dance/pop cover of Ben E. King’s iconic “Stand By Me” that will upgrade your mood upon first contact. Bless brings a new, positive vibration to this classic track that makes it sound fresh all over again and delivers a strong vocal performance. “Takin-My-Money” also references vintage R&B, which it uses to build a thoroughly modern track with unique flows about a girl who is twerking for his cash. 

 Bless has a certain undefinable thing that he does that gives each song a strong identity and ties them all together at the same time. This is the mark of a fully realized artist who has left imitation behind and found his own vision. “She Love$ Money” is a grinding hip-hop track about another pay-to-play woman giving our man Bless the blues. “I’m in love with her but she’s in love with money,” he tells us, communicating an age-old problem many can relate to. 

 “Time 2 Get Loose” has old school rap in its DNA but is built on an almost lo-fi beat with a one-note saxophone hook that displays contemporary production ideas. Other highlights include “Dabbin’ (TrapBoxin’), “Livin’ The Life,” and “Each One Teach One (No Handcuffin’).” Ty Bless is absolutely not your ordinary rapper and it would be a mistake to treat him as such. He’s a true rising star in a sea of fakes and you really should be listening to him right now.