Lift You Up 

Review by Mike O’Cull, independent music journalist. 

The Remnants is a jam/hippie/Dead-ish band from Connecticut that has been making quite a large impression on the jam band circuit since coming together in 2009. The group has been spotted at prestigious gigs including Gathering of the Vibes Music Festival, The New Hampshire Hempfest & Freedom Rally, and the Woodstock Reunion at Yasgur’s Farm. Much love has been received from the tie-dyed masses at these shows and the band continues to grow its audience steadily. 

The latest release by The Remnants is Lift You Up, a full-length set that does a fine job capturing its gritty live-band sound. The current lineup of bassist/vocalist Josh Lopez, vocalist Jeanine Pray, guitarist Jeremiah Regimbald, saxophonist Jason Smith, drummer Sam Faraclas, and percussionist Gordon Smith grooves well together and, more importantly, writes material strong enough to hold its own on the radio. Tracks like “Singing to the Sunshine” and “Leather Man” are immediately memorable and convey more of an individual identity than a lot of other artists in this genre. Lots of jammy bands play well but don’t always craft the catchiest of tunes. The Remnants exist somewhere between the Grateful Dead and Counting Crows, which makes Lift You Up just as good for listening as it is for dancing. Expect to hear more from this bunch.


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