Spotify singles review 

By Mike O’Cull, independent music journalist. 

Sepsiss is a hard and melodic female-fronted Metal band from Manchester, New Hampshire that has been making a big noise in the New England region since 2011. Vocalist Melissa Wolfe and guitarist/vocalist William Savant launched the band and pioneered its distinctive sound. Sepsiss is built around a traditional Metal vibe mixed with raging modern rhythms, synths, and urban hardcore influences. Wolfe sings the clean vocals and Savant handles the harsher, scream-oriented parts and the combination of the two grabs attention immediately. The four tracks Sepsiss has on Spotify right now show the band to be an energetic and innovative outfit with the creative power to carve out a spot in the global rock community. 

“Eyes of Empathy” starts off with a quick-but-dramatic buildup that gives way to a driving double-bass pocket in the first verse. The track is an excellent example of what makes Sepsiss great: well-paced and well-constructed songs, intense vocals, and the kind of guitar and drum fireworks that get the blood moving. The drums punch hard, the guitars grind, and Wolfe’s voice soars above it all, while Savant adds vocal grit and color.  

“To Write Hate on His Arms” is another heavyweight cut that kicks off with an old-school thrash-inspired groove that hits like a fist to the face. The verse drops to a more atmospheric, half-time feel before the band steps on the gas pedal again. It’s a highly dynamic song that again demonstrates the power and skill that Sepsiss brings to the stage. “The Swarm” shifts into a more mid-tempo feel that puts increased focus on the vocals and leads to an unbeatable chorus.  

“Fair to Say” is a chugging rocker with a cool guitar hook and more emotive singing from Wolfe. Sepsiss seems to have a knack for standing rock conventions on their heads to make new, continually interesting music that stands tall above the usual thrash-and-bash of most rock bands. Fans of driving Metal with high-flying vocals and brilliant guitar work will find much to like here. Sepsiss rocks!