Summer on Main St. 

(Occupy Music Group) 

By Mike O’Cull  

Royal is a Delaware rap artist with a positive, funky style who understands the importance of using music to give back to the community around him. His 2018 album release Summer on Main St. is a great place to start exploring his body of work and the record will quickly show you why Royal is a cut above his competition in the modern hip-hop scene. He has a chill, low key flow and confident, well-written lyrics that both help to keep him in his own original realm of artistry. He has developed enough presence in the game to have shared stages with stars like Waka Flocka, Meek Mill, Yo Gotti, YG, and Tory Lanez and used this fame to bring his music into countless middle and high schools in an effort to inspire the next generation. Royal has also donated the money earned at his concerts and events directly to the neighborhoods and the people in them that need help the most.  

Every track on Summer on Main St. crushes and makes its own magic happen. “Can’t Relate (feat. Letthabeatroc)” is a strong statement of commitment to the grind of success and details just how he does it for those who can’t understand. “Trappin’ (feat. Cru)” relates the lifestyle Royal lives over a stony beat full of headspace that perfectly fits his lyrical mood. Royal is a master of this type of track and knows how to get his point across and keep the bodies moving at the same time. 

“Soy Mexicano (feat. Nicko Rodriguez)” adds a spacy bilingual vibe to the record and finds Royal again explaining his life and world to the microphone. His bars are real, full of truth, and will resonate with those who thrive on actual hip-hop lyricism. Other highlights on Summer on Main St. that shouldn’t be missed include “Letter To Cecil” and “Hall of Fame.” Royal absolutely has the skills to overtop the always-competitive rap scene and has used them to create a monster of an album. Turn this one up and get inside.