“Time Is Running Out” 


Singles reviewed by Mike O’Cull, independent music journalist. 

Switzerland’s Projekt Horizon is a hard rock/rap metal duo project comprised of musicians Andri Arpagaus and Luigi Zarra. The music they make together combines the fury of modern rock, the deep grooves of hip-hop, and the kind of strong chorus hooks upon which careers are built. Two recent singles, “Time Is Running Out” and “Rockstar,” are an excellent introduction to the group and deliver the rock and roll goods in a big way. Projekt Horizon throws down like that amazing unsigned California rock band you just discovered today and will absolutely blow the roof off of your listening room. The two tracks have already amassed nearly 40,000 streams on Spotify, alone, and are gaining more traction by the hour.  

“Time Is Running Out” comes out like a kick in the teeth. The track grinds with cool guitar work set on top of a relentless beat that builds tension into a hit-worthy chorus that’s instantly memorable. The song preaches a message of “do it now” in regards to chasing down dreams and getting the most out of life and has the type of uplifting energy required to move people to action. It’s an immediate fire-starter capable of rocking any venue in the world.  

“Rockstar” is another prime mover that details the life of a triple-platinum artist at the top of his game. Again, tough guitars and a big beat make the magic happen and the song is tailor-made for stadium-sized performances. Projekt Horizon knows how to get listeners’ attention and get them moving and these two cuts are proof positive that the group is well on its way to a major breakthrough. Anyone looking for new rock done with guts and intelligence needs to play these tracks loud enough for the neighbors to hear.