“Car Solutions” 

Single and video review by Mike O’Cull, independent music journalist. www.mikeocull.com  

Piper Landon is a fresh, young singer/songwriter and influencer on the Instagram scene and pretty much everywhere else in the world, too. Originally from Kansas, Piper is the daughter of an Inspirational Top Ten singer and has always been involved with music. Her latest release is the single “Car Solutions” and its accompanying music video. Piper co-wrote the track with Ph.D-Lovely and Menebeats and recorded it at Madison Records in Georgia with hereiR Productions. The song is a brilliant bit of hip-hop-tinged pop and its vibe is atmospheric, moody, and hypnotic.  

“Car Solutions” seems to be a song about the divide that exists in the relationship between two people who can only communicate honestly with each other in a moving car. The song and the video are both a little abstract and open to interpretation, which makes you listen and watch more closely to extract the meaning for yourself. Still, the overall feel is somber and unresolved, just like many relationships, and it’s the kind of song you listen to while working your own thoughts out on a late-night drive. The video matches the song perfectly, showing an introspective Piper in a sweet Benz taking comfort in the motion of driving before finally parking and rolling off on a skateboard. The clip was directed by Bolt House Media and skips the usual female vocalist cliche shots in favor of a more artistic and dignified approach.  

Piper has been a pro since age 15 when she began her life as an actress and singer on the Disney-sponsored sitcom iShine Knect. Since then she has been featured on America's Got Talent and other TV shows, podcasts, and movies. She has also played concerts all over the United States, Canada, and Africa. “Car Solutions” shows fans her artistry and creative vision in a compelling way that will only attract more people to what she’s doing. Piper Landon is an emerging mainstream artist with a promising future. You really should be listening. 



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