SoundCloud page review 

By Mike O’Cull, independent music journalist. www.mikeocull.com 

Owl Glance is the highly-individualized recording project of musician and producer Dmitry Rassolov. Rassolov is one of a growing number of artists who prefer to keep most of their background information under wraps, letting listeners focus entirely on their music. This “man of mystery” approach definitely raises interest levels upon first contact and allows fans to imprint themselves on each track as they see fit.  

The three songs on the Owl Glance SoundCloud page show Rassolov to be a skilled and capable modern artist making lush ambient/soundtrack/downtempo electronic music with a deeply personal creative vision. “Emotional Transit Way” is a pulsating musical journey with a bit of synthwave to it that never goes where you expect it to. Rassolov mixes synth, bass, and brass tones to great effect and the instrumental track vibes like part of the music from your favorite new sci-fi film.  

“Acoustic Technology” is built on the combination of synthetic drum sounds and a steel-string acoustic guitar rhythm part that adds warmth and texture to the track and helps propel the overall beat. It’s uncommonly good and will leave you intrigued. “Action Mallet Inspiration” is more drum-heavy and could work very well in an outer space action movie.  

Rassolov is a developing artist still defining his own genre and style but is heading in a fresh and evocative direction. He doesn’t easily fit into pre-made categories but that’s a large part of his appeal and not a detriment. If you love soundtrack music and need some new sounds, Owl Glance is absolutely worth investigating. Fine work.