(Broken 8 Records) 

By Mike O’Cull 

British indie pop outfit Echoglass delivers an entrancing shoegaze experience on its new single “Hard.” Set to drop on November 14th, 2019 on all major streaming platforms, “Hard” is a muscular blast of pounding drums and beautifully-distorted guitars topped with emotional low-toned vocals that convey a dark, confessional vibe. The lineup of D.A. McKenna, Remmy, and Bo has an undeniably eccentric chemistry to its work and overflows with creativity and vision. The band is part of the well-known music scene in the Northwest of England and draws inspiration from the likes of Shaun Ryder, Ian Curtis, Pete Shelley, and Morrissey.  

“Hard” perfectly surfs a crashing wave of gritty guitars, synths, and drums without ever losing its melodic and lyrical appeal. The band skillfully employs texture and tone to amplify the song’s energy and ends up with a sound that’s pop, post rock, and goth all at once. The song has a hypnotic quality to it that’s difficult to turn away from, a movie-like feel that makes each chord into part of an unfolding story. Echoglass gets high marks for artistry in execution as usual, showing us all that, despite existing for exquisite dining and fine alcohol-based experiences, the band is all business when the tape rolls. Fans of overdriven guitar headspace will like this straight away.  

P.S. - The rumor mill has it that Echoglass has a yet-to-be-released track waning in the wings that may just take the band where it wants to go. It’s a plaintive ballad called “Little House” about the loss of a child that’ll move every heart in the world if given half a chance. Seek it out.