Symbolic Voices 

Review by Mike O’Cull, independent music journalist. 

Blood of Heroes is a five-piece hard rock/metal band from Danville, Illinois that has been forging its highly individualistic sound since forming in 2016. The band has a tight, modern groove metal approach that is immediately attention-grabbing for its musicality, strong pockets, and sheer heaviness. The group’s new release Symbolic Voices on the AMG/Sony imprint is beautifully violent, corrosive, and inspiring and shows the power and creativity Blood of Heroes brings to both the studio and the concert stage. 

BoH calls itself a “band from the dark side of town” and that’s a pretty accurate description of the vibe and sound found on Symbolic Voices. This is serious, crowd-moving music with a deep noir feel attached to an explosive fuse. Band members Rich Treadway (vocals), Phillip Polezoes (guitar), Torbjron Solgard (bass), Eric Abner (guitar), and Nick Polezoes (drums) drop a big hammer on these sessions but balance the rock with powerful vocal and instrumental hooks that permanently install their songs into the ears of listeners upon first contact. The band isn’t afraid to be melodic and dynamic, either, and this makes for an eminently listenable and mind-bending record. Tracks like “F**ked Up Shit,” the opening cut, are a kick in the teeth and guaranteed to cause mayhem in a live setting. 

The title track, “Symbolic Voices,” mixes some stony moments into the metal and shows a different dimension of the band. Blood of Heroes is also unafraid to pull influences from outside of its genre, as the seven-minute cover of The Cars’ “Moving In Stereo” demonstrates. It’s a brilliant version of a song few would think of in this type of context but makes perfect sense when you hear it. Blood of Heroes will appeal to fans into Lamb of God, Pantera, Coal Chamber, and Savatage but is well on its way to influencing the next generation of rock music all on its own. Expect this one to break big.