Blacc Cuzz is hitting the streets and sending out another single that is on fire. “Rush” explains the high that he gets for the money and how he gets a rush when it is in front of him. This is just another awesome beat from the master rap artist Blacc Cuzz. In his last two hit singles, “Commonwealth” and “Turn on Me” he shared stories of his life in the streets and the things he had to do to obtain this great wealth. At the risk of his own life and freedom, Blacc Cuzz is no stranger to life on the streets. He has been slinging bricks since he was 16 and has seen violence, death, and prison as constant companions. Emerging through struggles that would have broken or killed lesser men Blacc has risen to the top of the pack. Now when surrounded by money he painstakingly gained through his hard work he gets that “Rush.” His new single is the perfect representation of how one feels when looking over the empire they have created. 

Life on the Streets 

If you are tired of hearing lacklustre beats with lyrics that fall short from some phony ass rappers that like to pretend, then look to Blacc Cuzz. He is the real deal and as real as they come, Blacc comes from the mean streets of Lincoln Ave hood in Pittsburgh, PA. He is fully aware of life on the streets and has seen his share of drug dealing and the violence that comes with it. His mission is to become the “new voice of the streets” and replace all the fake rappers who seem to litter the industry these days. Blacc Cuzz uses his true to life experience as a warrior of the streets to craft some truly compelling and mesmerizing hypnotic rap trap beats. Throw in lyrics that are masterfully crafted using real-world experiences and you have a recipe for success. If you are looking for a sick rap artist that actually has the balls to back up his rhymes then look no further than Blacc Cuzz. He is sure to please the most discerning of trap rap fans. 

Masterful Music 

For some of the sickest and best beats in the entire music industry, you need to listen to Blacc Cuzz. By using his real-life experience, he was able to create some true hit singles such as “Commonwealth,” “All on Me,” “I’m Rich,” “Thug Cry,” and “Turn on Me.” These hit songs are winning over the hearts and minds of true rap fans who crave a beat that has an authenticity to it. “Rush” is the next hot beat to hit the streets, describing the high that Blacc Cuzz gets when he is in front of his money. If you are looking for the best in the industry then be sure to check out Blacc Cuzz brought to you from Dream Big Empire. This expert artist is sure to reignite your faith in the rap game and get you crossfaded long into the night.