By Mike O’Cull  

Your studio monitors are your main connection to whatever DAW or hardware recording device you’re using. Gone are the days when we mixed haphazardly on stereo speakers or live sound cabinets. Studio monitors are designed to give you a verbatim reproduction of whatever sounds you’re pumping into them so you can make critical audio decisions and record hit after hit. To accomplish this and give you truly accurate reproduction, you’re also going to need a set of studio monitor isolation pads for your monitors to sit on.  

Why are studio monitor isolation pads necessary? Because simply setting a pair of monitors on your desk or workstation will make your desk part of their sound and color what you hear. The vibrations of your monitor speakers get directly transferred into the top of your desk and will cause a degradation of the sounds you’re so carefully listening to. Low frequencies will be particularly troublesome and the overall sound of your mix could become quite unpleasant. Isolation pads decouple your monitors from the surface they’re sitting on and allow them to function as they are intended to.  

One of the best choices in iso pads are Sound Addicted’s SMPad 5 studio monitor isolation pads. They’re acoustic foam wedges that give users five angles of speaker tilt, including flat, and support up to 22 pounds of weight each. The SMPad 5 pads are sized to fit all types of five-inch studio monitors and Sound Addicted also offers pads for monitors of other sizes. They’re an instant and cost-effective way to improve the sound of any studio and prevent your desk or speaker stands from becoming part of your sonic equation.  

SMPad 5’s will noticeably improve the bass and midrange response of your chosen studio monitors and allow you to fine-tune their physical position to hit the sweet spot where your ears are. They’re super light, well-made, and will make a big difference in any home, project, or professional studio where the room being used is less than acoustically ideal.  

Studio monitor isolation pads are a subtle but important bit of equipment that often get overlooked by less-experienced engineers that can result in a mix being either a hero or a zero. Sound Addicted’s SMPad 5 studio monitor isolation pads are among the best iso pads currently on the market and are well worth adding to your list of recording gear. You might say they’re a sound investment. Don’t risk letting your mix turn into an unbalanced, muddy mess. Sound Addicted SMPad 5 studio monitor isolation pads are exactly what you need to deliver professional results every time!