By Mike O’Cull  

Sigil Video by Sigil Social Network is a recently developed new platform that’s gaining a lot of traction on the ever-shifting social media landscape. It’s a short-form video-based app aimed at the 18-and-over crowd that permits R-rated content and offers creators far less restrictive guidelines about what can and can’t be posted. Sigil is also a completely inclusive community that wants users to be who they are and create the content they believe in. Think of it as TikTok for adults.  

TikTok has come under fire by many of its users for its overly-tight Terms of Service and alleged censorship and shadow-banning of accounts owned by LGBTQ, disabled, and obese people. Many TikTok users say they have found their videos deleted for seemingly no reason at all. These allegations make it seem like TikTok is attempting to socially engineer its social media community in order to attract more “beautiful people” and high-dollar sponsors.  

Owned and operated in the USA, Sigil Video presents itself as a more welcoming and equitable alternative to TikTok that encourages users to be their authentic selves. It’s an adults-only app that puts no restrictions on users’ looks, orientation, physical ability, or anything else. Sigil fan Marco Lois remarked in the Google Play Store that “With Sigil Video, you can express yourself like never before!” This is the essence of what Sigil Video provides. Users are free to create, edit, and share their content, watch entertaining videos, livestream to a global audience, meet new people, make friends, and become #SigilFamous! 

One of the most unique aspects of Sigil Video is the direct line of communication between users and the app’s owners via a dedicated chat powered by Dischord. This level of transparency is almost unheard of in the social media universe but Sigil has dedicated itself to elevating the level of discourse between the inside and outside. This, alone, puts Sigil light years ahead of other platforms that famously stonewall users and could potentially make it an industry leader. Sigil takes user feedback seriously and uses it to provide a constantly improving social experience.  

Unlike TikTok, Sigil Video is an independently-owned small business that doesn’t have a monolithic corporate structure holding it together. It has come a long way since first being conceived in 2019 and is growing every single day. Sigil might not have all the features of some other apps yet but its main goal is to exceed the quality of TikTok and all other short-form video platforms. 

 What Sigil does have, however, is an open, uncensored environment perfect for grown people looking to make new friends. It’s also the right place for influencers who feel discriminated against because of the content they create. Sigil offers a chance to rise to the top of the platform no matter what someone has to say. This makes it a wonderful new setting for musicians, poets, video bloggers, activists, comedians, and all other creatives who might not fit in on TikTok.  

Sigil Video is an amazing and innovative new app, community, and social tool that could soon be an unstoppable phenomenon. It’s emphasis on uncensored communication solely for adults allows for a greater range of expression than on any other platform and is attracting new brands and users all the time. Anyone seeking true freedom in social media needs to download it today!