“Learn (feat. EJ King)” 

Single review by Mike O’Cull  

MDMP smashes into the future of rock music with its brand new single “Learn (feat. EJ King).” The band is a collaborative effort led by Jeremey Meyer (lead vocals, guitars, backing vocals, bass, drums, synths) and an ever-shifting supporting cast brought onboard to help articulate Meyer’s unique musical vision. “Learn” is a hypnotic, trance-inducing blast of modern rock with hip hop and electronic overtones that’s vibrant, seductive, and iconoclastic. Meyer is a Trent Reznor-type with visionary ideas and the drive needed to bring them into the physical world. The track is built around a heavy, guttural bass line and Meyer’s soaring, esoteric vocals that float upon its menacing mid-tempo pocket. It leans toward the industrial and the psychedelic at the same time without ever fully spilling over into either style completely.  

Rapper EJ King drops a verse in the back half of the song that lets MDMP shift gears momentarily and contributes another layer of brilliant unpredictability to an already-compelling cut. “Learn” doesn’t really fit neatly into any one genre and that unique identity is a big part of what makes the song work. So much rock music now follows one predetermined formula or another that Meyer’s willingness to completely go his own way is refreshing and revitalizing. MDMP absolutely has the goods required to break out large, develop a huge audience, and influence the next generation of rock music that’s yet to be written. Anyone partial to intense and intelligent heavy music will be drawn to MDMP within one listen to this epic track. Here’s hoping there’s a lot more where this came from. Highly recommended.