(Clean Cut Records) 

By Mike O’Cull  

DJ Raw B is a veteran of the San Francisco hip hop scene who has been crafting superior tracks since the early 90s. His latest release is Uncorrupted, which is now available on all platforms on the Clean Cut Records label. The record is a raw and real set that pairs DJ Raw B’s artistic and experimental beats with flows from some of the finest MCs currently working in the Bay Area. It’s a hypnotic, intellectual album that flies in the face of the countless sound-alike rappers that are drowning the urban music genre. Every cut here is mad creative and sounds like nothing you’ve heard before. The beats are original, inventive, and experimental, delivering a fertile sonic context for each performer who rocks the microphone.  

A lot of the tracks on Uncorrupted have a chill, downtempo vibe that’s noir-ish and cinematic. The record begins with the amazing “Toscin,” a brilliantly abstract jam that clearly announces that this record isn’t going to be like all the others. B’s style is spacious, gritty, and unafraid and he deftly pushes himself and his listeners into the avant-garde. “Genesis (feat. Emcee Infinite)” follows and raises the intensity level even higher. The beat hits hard and has a menacing feel that Emcee Infinite spits street wisdom across the top like a true bare-knuckle poet.  

“Bad Man, Good Heat (feat. Z-Man)” is a funky and confessional track that deals with the life of a middle-aged player and the complicated relationships with women he creates. Z-Man’s bars are honest, believable, and avoid cliches and tropes like the plague they are. “Keynote Speaker” is an unsettling instrumental that displays DJ Raw B’s gift for nonverbal communication. He conveys the feeling of a 4 a.m. alley walk and the heightened awareness required to survive it without a word being spoken. Every track on Uncorrupted kills but be sure to spin “Kill Zone (feat. Luke Sick)” and “The Mca Song (feat. Dan Wolf).” DJ Raw B is a huge talent and this new record shows every one of his abilities. You’re gonna want to get on this one right away.