By Mike O’Cull www.mikeocull.com  

Brooklyn singer-songwriter D.K. Lyons is one of the most promising new voices to emerge from the New York music scene as of late. Lyons writes brilliantly lyrical guitar pop that turns heartbreak into melody and hooks that permanently embed themselves in your being. His upcoming debut album, The Past (Romanticized), is filled to overflowing with well-crafted pop/rock songs reminiscent of songwriting giants like Elvis Costello, Matthew Sweet, and John Waite along with Lyons’ own creative twists. The record drops June 26th, 2020 and is expected to bring Lyons to the attention of many new listeners around the world who can’t wait to hear their next favorite song.  

Lyons has already built a nice little buzz for himself around the advance singles, “Danger" and "Shades of Amber,” that are included on The Past (Romanticized). The tracks have conspired to achieve more than 15,000 streams on Spotify and have put him in front of a lot of fans who love emotive and eloquent songwriting. He writes about old flames, loss, and the transitions of adulthood in a way that pulls listeners into his yearning and makes them want to stay. It’s all about the emotional release for Lyons, who told us “Life’s too short not to dance, laugh, cry, and sing your lungs out."  

D.K. also produces his own tracks but doesn’t fall into the trap of continually repeating a sound or style. Even though he works in the tradition of some of the greatest pop/rock songwriters of the 20th Century, his songs have their own fresh sensibility to them that gives Lyons a strong identity. His literate, creative wordplay, smooth, understated vocals, and in-the-pocket grooves add up to tunes that are great dashboard music but also have much to offer when sitting still. He easily invokes his synth pop, alternative, classic rock, and country inspirations and blends them with timeless melodies and the soul of a poet. The Past (Romanticized) is one of the best efforts 2020 has offered thus far and is going to light up a lot of headphones for the rest of the year. Highly recommended.